Monday, March 24, 2008

whoever said, "money can't buy happiness"

was never stuck in a dead-end job.and while it can't buy "happiness" per say, i will indeed tell you what it can "afford" you... oh, hell...what it can "buy" you!

it can buy personal freedom, the kind where you can afford to pursue passion instead of paycheck! it can buy you an education for learning sake, not just a degree! it can buy you precious time with an impressionable daughter, who thinks mommy has to work too much! it can buy a retirement plan, much needed, so i am not working at burger king in my eighties! it can buy peace of mind! yes, it sure as hell can!
i am in one of those seesaw type moods. could be considered manic, in medical terms. but i am not. clinically. promise.
one of those days, that you just decide you are missing out severely on life. one of those days where you unexplainably decide to never go back to work. one of those days, where the day itself, is so overwhelmingly dumb and routine. one of those days where the idea of doing this every single day for the rest of my life, just won't work.
one of those days that smacks you in the face and screams, "wake up...grow up...get out and on with life! cause you sure are missin' out sista' girl!"
yep. my subconscious thoughts shout at me like nell carter from "gimme a break" yea yea!
i wish i had a nell carter. to kick my ass.
and friends closer. to hug.


Anonymous said...

Do you want the hug before or after the ass kicking?
Kidding! Only hugs from me.

new york dactyl said...

well today is one of those days that i would literally flying attack hug you, if you were anywhere near me. and also makes me want to move to st. louis...

Anonymous said...

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