Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mean Girls.

Boy oh boy, I must have took about fourteen rights because I almost forgot about this all important blob of space. Maybe I have been pre-occupied with thoughts or eating NON-STOP. No, I didn't just have a bowl of cereal at 8:24pm! Look, I am giving my Elliptical Machine a break tonight, she looked tired.

So today, little lovebug of mine found out that girls (more so than any other species) can be cruel. And just for no good reason. It's tough to explain to a nine-year old that I know it hurts but pay them no attention, that she's better than that, and that it will all be forgotten by tomorrow. When really I wanted to say, it will only get worse in Middle School and High School, girls can be downright mean (and I was one of them, long ago) and those two are stupid girls anyway and I never liked them! It is nothing to be concerned about, it's rather silly, but at that age it's only just beginning and the first jab is like a dagger to the heart - OUCH!

Afterwards, she felt better. Acknowledged the unreasonable behavior and was preparing Q&A's for tomorrow, should the same subject arise. "Hey Mom, thanks for talking to me, I feel better!"
How come I don't... I don't want her to grow up!