Tuesday, September 11, 2007

framed and hanging

so I have become a little less than obsessive about "what to do with my photographs?" I don't need recognition, though it would be flattering. I don't need praise and accolades, though they are humbly welcome. I just get tingly at the idea of someone wanting my photograph framed and hanging in their home, office, outhouse, trailer, cabin, etc. I am not delusional and think I could make a living off shooting photography, though I would love to...shoot it for a living, not be delusional, though that may be peaceful at times.

as a temporary substitute to a real website of my very own and under the intense pressure of trying to decide the "how to's" of managing my own inventory, and/or orders (if they may ever be) I found this great little world, for artists of all types, to have a platform to put their stuff out there...and so I throw it out there...or lightly toss I guess. http://luckygirllefty.imagekind.com/

Be kind, please rewind. Oops, kidding. Be kind and visit, no expectations.

Expect little, be pleasantly surprised. Expect a lot and always be disappointed.


tracey clark said...

What a grand idea! What a neat site your found too. Love your work.
You'll do wonderfully selling your lovely images. Yay you!

Anonymous said...

how funny - i recently found a similar site called redbubbles, but as yet haven't put anything up.

good on ya K - would love to own some original LGLs :-)

xo A

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did this.
Finally I can see your work everyday before I leave my house, and when I lay down to sleep.
Tanks Spanky!

new york dactyl said...

i linked through to your prints section from flickr and there are several... i'm saying SEVERAL... that i want to buy. here's me, saving away...right now!