Tuesday, November 07, 2006


If you were to vote NO on Amendment 2 would you be willing to sign an agreement saying you will not be allowed ANY access to cures or treatment options that may come from the stem cell research? Would you?

It establishes responsible boundaries and guidelines to ensure that stem cell research is conducted ethically and safely. And, it strictly bans any attempt to clone a human being. If people choose to engage in illegal activity, they will. For there will always be those who will find their way around an issue, but I am not willing to put aside HOPE that stem cells could provide cures for many currently incurable or common diseases and injuries for those of us who want good.

This isn’t a political issue! It’s not a partisan issue. This isn’t a science versus religion, a Democrat versus Republican. This is a people issue and that’s why it is so vital.

This message is brought to you by Thirteen Lefts, and I approve this message on behalf of the many loved ones I know with MS, and Diabetes.



Anonymous said...

Great info girl...way to set the record straight! I just got an email from a friend who's starting interferon 1a injections 3x's a week for her MS. We pray for a cure. <3

K said...

Leftess: I have 2 of the women on my mother's side afflicted with it, one wheelchair bound in her early fifties. My young aunt was just diagnosed last year. I feel a very strong NEED to support anything to better their lives...and anyone it could help..deserves the chance of hope. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How'd that prop turn out on tuesday btw?

K said...

Passed...51%! It restored my faith in people a little.

Hopefully it won't be caught up in court with the opposers.